January 8, 2008

Preparation Is Necessary

After my initial discussion with the Sperm Bank, the following is important to be aware of:
1) You should not masturbate for at least one week before either getting tested or making your sperm deposit.
2) You must abstain from any type of sex for at least 7 days.
3) Wash your genital areas thoroughly.


  1. I was considering donating the Sperm, but now I am not sure after reading your blog.
    This Blog is great, a real help and funny too!

    Thank you Bronx Stomper for the post and the Blog Follow.

    1. I think sperm donation is not a good thing as gradually we are objectifying sperm and remitting into question the role of man in the society. I believe that there are specific reasons where sperm donation can be acceptable but that should not mean to take our sperm, do research on that and find alternatives to ultimately reduce the value of man in the world, when we already have a poorer value as compared to the life of a woman. I personally think that sperm donation will be misused if not limited to only helping straight couples who cannot have child.