January 8, 2008

How It All Started .....

Everywhere I looked there was an ad for Sperm Donors.
It started off with me wanting some extra money.
It ended up, I spent money depositing and storing my own sperm for a future – ‘Me.’
Don’t figure.
I may go back and donate my Sperm, which would offset the cost I have spent so far.

Preparation Is Necessary

After my initial discussion with the Sperm Bank, the following is important to be aware of:
1) You should not masturbate for at least one week before either getting tested or making your sperm deposit.
2) You must abstain from any type of sex for at least 7 days.
3) Wash your genital areas thoroughly.

The Gene Pool

Yes, you can create or determine the genealogy and family tree through your sperm.

I Got My Sperm Tested First

Before you waste your money storing your Sperm, get it tested first.
The test will tell what your sperm count is and whether it is healthy.
This is required for Sperm Donors !!

Ok, I'm At The Sperm Bank To Make My Personal Deposit

Wow Chinese Men Have It Great

When I went to the Sperm Bank, they put me in this room. It had a sex video if I wanted to watch it or I could use magazines. These are used to get the man hard so he can masturbate and fill up the sperm cup.

- BUT -

In China, men go to a sperm clinic and women extract the sperm by giving the man pleasurable slow erogenous hand jobs. I am so envious.

Reasons for Sperm Banks

The reasons Sperm Banks exist are:
1) Like myself, I wanted to preserve my Sperm while I was still young and potent. I do not want to have children at this time.
2) Artificial Insemination - Many couples cannot have children through routine sex, so sperm and eggs are extracted and a baby is made in a Petri dish and inserted into the womb of the mother.
3) Some women, such as Lesbians, never want a man, but still want children.
4) The use of a surrogate mother.
5) To extract or pre-determine a specific sex (male or female).
6) To insure a healthy baby, free of disease, genetic disorders, and STDs.

In the USA, Walk-in Sperm Banks Are Common

Selective Breeding is one aspect of Sperm Donor Clinics

Sperm Clinics are a thriving business:
A female can go into a Sperm Bank and request a specific type of donor, say ...
1) An Athlete.
2) High Intelligence.
3) Race (Color) or Ethnic Origin.
4) They can take pot luck.
5) And, for the conspiracy nuts, you can just imagine a government sperm bank for creating super soldiers.

Sperm Count and Testing

Europe has mobile Sperm Labs that test Sperm Counts and welcome donors.

In Europe in it common to mail your Sperm in for Testing. They have night drop off boxes.

Some places even have Sperm pick-up services.

Humor Side of Sperm Deposits and Testing

Abstract Effects Sperm Have On Some People

Sperm Is Valuable, There Have Even Been Real Thefts at Sperm Banks

Sperm Re-Direction

There's Humor In Sperm